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Kid's Fun Stuff, General Help, Research

Google Use Google's filtered search engine.
The Ten Study Habits of Successful Students Read it! Live it!
Online Grades Use Dreambox with a capital on the password.
Learning Advice from Dr. David Cervone, Mathematics professor
SQ3R- a reading to understand method from Virginia Tech
How to Study: A Brief Guide from William Rapaport at the University at Buffalo
Cornell Notes from James Madison University- Use the link back to the Toolbox for other types of study help.
Cornell Notes, different explanation a pdf with instructions and an example from a chemistry class
Learning Toolbox from James Madison University- practical study and learning tools
Outline Example an example of an outline from an eighth grade science book
Photos for Class Picture search with appropriate licenses
Kennections by Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings You may do each puzzle only once. Be sure to complete and turn in your Written Record.
National Geographic for Kids games and other fun stuff
FunBrain Lots of pop-ups They have free educational games.
Factmontser Many pop-ups, data miners- use only with good security software. A research center from the Learning Network- Use the dictionary, encyclopedia, and thesaurus.
NCES National Center for Education Statistics- fun games and tests
Handwriting Practice Both manuscript and cursive practice. You can print out worksheets for whatever you need.
Lower Case Letters  Watch the lower case letters being formed

Literature/ Language

Blog site Caveat Lector- Student blogs
Sycamore Canyon Library search our library's collection
Poeville Investigations Breakout!
Rules of Summer Shaun Tan's site
Literary Vocabulary find out what terms like "allegory" mean

Spelling City

Use this site for spelling and root vocabulary practice.

Word Roots a database of roots, includes origins
Vocabulary Games companion site to Spelling City
Richard Lederer's Language Links a good compilation of useful and unusual language links

AR Bookfinder

Check book levels here- helpful for choosing a good book

"Classic" book lists
Book Lists by Grade Level from Hedgehog Books "A Bird, came down the walk-" Emily Dickinson

Waldorf School extra article


Free online collection of stories and poems in Mp3 (audiobook) format

San Diego County Library

The county library system online- You can get a PIN from your local branch for advanced functions.

Wacky Web Tales like Mad-Libs

Grammar Glossary

an online resource from Harcourt- fifth grade

Parts of Speech a compilation of parts of speech with examples


Grammar Bytes

Online Grammar Guide

A free site related to grammar check products

The Tongue Untied

parts of speech, phrases, clauses

Transitive, intransitive, linking

Fact sheet with practice quiz


Details on measurement abbreviations

Guide to Grammar and Writing

English professor Charles Darling's site at Capital Community College

Paper Rater an online tool to pre-check your writing

Writing Tips

Writing tips and techniques from well-known authors- links on lower left of page

Writing help

organizers and planners online

Summary Writing from CSU

Writing a book review

writing help from Scholastic

Citing sources

by Oregon School Library Information System

Poetry Information

OWL at Purdue- has other writing help, too

Ode example

A lovely ode to something ordinary

John Henry

many John Henry songs, uses Real Player

Where I'm From

poem by George Ella Lyon

Chris Van Allsburg

Author's official site- includes Harris Burdick writing

The Gift of the Magi

the classic short story by O. Henry

The Cay

a literature guide

Karen Cushman

The official site for the author of The Midwife's Apprentice, The Ballad of Lucy Whipple, Catherine, Called Birdy, and many other novels.

Series of Unfortunate Events

Lemony Snicket's official site

Harry Potter

Scholastic Books' Harry Potter site

Jean Craighead George

The official site for the author of My Side of the Mountain, Julie of the Wolves, and The Tarantula in My Purse: And 172 Other Wild Pets.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

The Online game, 30th Anniversary Edition

Gary Paulsen official Paulsen page from his publisher


CPM Homework Help Site for homework support from the publisher
Think Central Online mathematics site for Math Expressions
Facts Help Select "Games" on the top tool bar
Practice multiplication tables with cootie catchers Download cootie catchers in PDF format
Online arithmetic practice Increase your facts speed! Click on the tabs for different operations.
Cecil, the tightrope walker CPM resource used in class
Histogram Data Tool CPM resource used in class
Angle Sum Theorem CPM resource used in class
Coin Flip Simulator Choose number of flips and type of coin
Online manipulatives Wow! Use manipulatives online for math ideas-Log in using our school, Cress' Conquerors, and your student number.
Visual Fractions Tutorial understand fractions through pictures
Arithmetic Games from a school district in New York
Decimal Snoops, here's your Snote. What is the Evil Pumpkin Twigman up to?
Famous Problems The Math Forum discusses famous topics like pi and the Pythagorean theorem.
Order of operations Order of operations help on Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
AAA Math Cool site with "how to" information, practice, and games on mathematics- Use the topic links on the left.
Cool math pop-ups lessons and games
Harcourt math glossary A mathematics glossary to help you understand questions
Prime numbers the first 1,000 primes
Abbreviations Useful abbreviations
Interactivate (math lessons) Good lessons on many middle school level mathematics ideas
Ask Dr. Math Excellent math faqs
Purple Math Good algebra and pre-algebra information (how-to information) Good for summer!
Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies pop-ups pre-algebra Good for summer!
Graphs an online help tool for making graphs
line graphs, bar graphs, scatter plots, pie charts Background information on the uses of different graph types
How to construct a histogram From SUNY Oswego
relative frequency How to construct a relative frequency histogram
Sample Types Definitions of sample types
Data Analysis, Statistics, Probability online lessons at a high level
Euclidian Constructions Scroll down and use the Java applet.
Geometry formulae from the University of Minnesota
Permutations A good FAQ on permutations and combinations
Permutations and combinations lessons and practice from New York



Archaeology Here's a good center for links to archaeology information.
Dig Simulation Game Try an online archaeology Dig at the BBC.
World History annotated, interactive timelines and maps
Lascaux Cave  The official French Lascaux Cave site
Prehistoric humans a brief summary of prehistory
Agricultural revolution a brief summary of the agricultural revolution
BBC Ancient History Compiled resources- Greece, Rome, Indus River Valley (early India)
Mr. Donn's Mespotamia Site Look at the article and the links below.
Hittite history video Khan Academy
Anatolian and Hittite museum video Museum of Anatolian Civilizations
Mesopotamia Amazing interactive site about Mesopotamia from the British Museum. Superb!
Sumer online encyclopedia from a professor of history
Mesopotamia timeline and facts
Near East Civilizations Mesopotamian facts
Mesopotamian Archaeology from the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Kid's Corner: Mesopotamia Student activities from the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
Hammurabi's Code an article and list of Hammurabi's laws
Nippur expedition site from the Oriental Institue at the University of Chicago
Lagash from the United States Department of Defense
Kish from the Field Museum in Chicago
Ancient Israelites  teacher site; summary
Ancient Egypt The British Museum also has an interactive site about Egypt.
Eternal Egypt many digital photos, interesting facts, searchable
Kid's Corner: Egypt Student activities from the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago
The Quest for Immortality from the National Gallery of Art
Ancient Egyptian Scribes
Pyramids National Geographic's short history of pyramids
Mummy game a cool Flash! game from the BBC
Build a Pyramid for Pharaoh another fun Flash! game from the BBC
Egypt art Fun Egypt site with original artwork
Tour Egypt's Nome maps A tourist site promoting Egypt
Ancient Egypt map links helpful information with ads
Maps with nomes historical information with maps interspersed
Egypt maps at, many ads
Ancient Egypt maps from University College London
Geology and quarries a professor's site on archaeological geology
Ancient China the British Museum
Emperor Qin's Tomb a recent article on the dig, its findings, and progress
Ancient India the British Museum
Ancient Greece the British Museum
Ancient India the British Museum site
armor How to make Greek and Roman armor
e-museum e-museum from University of Pennsylvania
Mr. Donn's explorer page Links to information about explorers
New England Primer text from Indiana University
Colonial America the 13 original colonies; general information
Charters from Colonial period Documents organized by colony
Yours and Mine: The Decision of 1623 video from class
U.S.A. geography games for learning your states and capitals


Planets and the Solar System Use this video for classwork 5/9/2019
Sick Science! Link to Youtube Channel used in class- matter and mass
Scholastic Study Jams uses Flash!
Online Science Games Uses Flash! (food chain game from class)
Size of an atom site This is the Flash! image that keeps going smaller.
Science Text Study Supports Find vocabulary activities, web activities, and self tests here.
Cells Complete course
Cell Web Quest Complete in class and at home.
Cells Web Quest Document a copy to print for yourself
Cell Game from the Nobel Prize organization
Geography terms with some pictures from Enchanted Learning (has ads)
USGS USGS site for education
Virtual rock analyzer from Open University and the BBC; uses Flash!
plate tectonics Basic information on plate tectonics
Interactive Unit on Earth's Structure and Plate Tectonics from the Annenberg Foundation
USGS plate tectonics USGS online book about plate tectonics
seismic waves definitions of seismic waves
faults definitions of fault types with animations; scroll down
Earthquakes USGS current earthquakes
Volcano World Outreach project of the Oregon Space Grant Consortium
SDSU's volcano page from SDSU's geology department
USGS Cascade Range Volcanoes West Coast volcanoes at Cascades Volcano Observatory
USGS Cascade Range Volcanoes; Volcano Names information on how West Coast volcanoes got their names
Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park list of webcams, scroll down for photo gallery
Maurice and Katia Krafft an article on the Kraffts
Dr. John Lockwood consulting volcanologist
Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano with black/silver lava
The Scoop on Soil from the University of Illinois
Natural Resources Conservation Service from the U.S. Department of Agriculture
World Biomes a web site for terrestrial and aquatic biomes
Mountain Ecosystem- has pop-up ads- Close them! an interactive from PBS Learning Media
Ecosystems Study Jams from Scholastic- interactive learn and test yourself
prairie ecosystem (from the Bell Museum) Focus on a prairie ecosystem. Can you build one that works?
microscopic pond life Totally Cool!
pond scum gallery Movies of pond life!
microscopic pond life Photographs of microscopic pond life.
Ocean websites Ocean Color web and Links...
Science Fair Links for general help and the report format
agriculture science projects Some project ideas related to agriculture
Earth at night from the Astronomy Picture of the Day archive
Smithsonian Institution not just art!

Fine Arts

Sing Along Pages All kinds of songs to sing along with on your computer- from the National Institute of Environmental Science
"The Star Spangled Banner" A Smithsonian Museum site dedicated to the National Anthem
Origami Envelope made in class for Root Vocabulary
coloring pages coloring pages of famous artists
Pysanka Egg art and how-to files
Pysanky Gallery Ukrainian egg-art gallery
Pysanky Examples Examples of Ukrainian egg art
interactive art lesson Be a detective, and find out about a missing painting.
another online lesson A great online art adventure
paper star Directions for the kind of star we made in class origami Christmas tree
another paper star This is a fun, 3-D star
hexagonal snowflake Make a correct paper snowflake
Online Snowflake Maker use HTML5
M. C. Escher This amazing artist is known for his optical illusion pictures.
Origami How-to and beautiful examples of the fine art of paper folding, Japanese-style
art lessons Online art lessons. The first page has lots of advertisements. Ignore them, and use the index on the left-hand side.
Leonardo Da Vinci Leonardo Da Vinci site connecting art and science
art history Web adventure on art history
Metropolitan Museum the famous New York museum
The Art Institute of Chicago Chicago art museum
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston the guide to the collection is a good overview
National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.
The Smithsonian Institution not just art...
San Diego Museum of Art our local museum
WebMuseum index to online gallery time periods and artists

Links for Parents

ADDitude Online magazine articles on ADD and ADHD, includes practical techniques
California Association for the Gifted a California advocacy group
Help your child write well US Dept. of Ed.
University of Calgary literature lists A compilation of children's literature lists from the University of Calgary
Hoagie's gifted page A support group in a web page, Hoagie's page has sections for many people involved with the gifted.
University of Connecticut This is the National Research Center for the Gifted and Talented. It is a national clearinghouse for research and information on the gifted run by the University of Connecticut.
State Standards CA State Standards (all subjects/grades)
Traditional Parenting John Rosemond's web (psychologist, columnist and author)
Educational toys Not cheap, but mind-expanding toys and activities

Links for Anyone

Women's baseball fun facts about famous female players

Links for Teachers

Plimoth Plantation same as Plymoth Plantation- uses Bradford's spelling
Jamestown Colony great links on Colonial history
Colonial Willamsburg Has a special education section
Mesopotamia Amazing interactive site about Mesopotamia from the British Museum- can be used in the classroom
Ancient Egypt The British Museum also has an interactive site about Egypt.
Mathematics support University of Georgia online math investigations ideas and tools