Supply List 2023


Supply List 2023

Contributing all or some of the supplies is optional but greatly appreciated as it will help stretch our class budget for the year.  Each child will have a set of school supplies furnished for their use.  If you are able to donate extras of any of the supplies, I will use them to replenish materials as needed throughout the year.

Student Supplies

  • Headphones- These are the one item that I really hope each family can send in as we use our iPads daily and headphones help control classroom noise.  Most children at this age prefer the over the ear headphones.
  • Water bottle -If you send a water bottle, please get one that will be easy for your child to drink from (not one that unscrews) so we can limit spills as much as possible.
  • Package of 12" X 18" white construction paper (50 pages)- This will be used for your child's individual portfolio.
  • Box of 24 crayons (1 or more- Crayola brand is preferable)- Please do not send in larger boxes of crayons as there won't be enough room in the small pencil box.
  • Gluesticks (3 or more-Elmers brand is preferable)
  • 4 oz bottle of glue (1 or more-Elmers brand is preferable)- I have enough currently
  • Broad line colored markers -classic pack of 10 (Crayola brand is preferable)
  • Fine line colored markers -classic pack of 10 (Crayola brand is preferable)
  • Black dry erase markers (2 or more-Expo is preferable)- I have enough currently

Class Supplies

  • Please visit our Amazon wishlist link to donate supplies we would LOVE to have for our upcoming class activities.     


  • Gift cards- Amazon, Target, WalMart
  • Ziploc bags- gallon (with and without sliders), quart (with and without sliders), sandwich, snack
  • Facial tissues (like Kleenex or Puffs)
  • Baby and/or disinfectant wipes
  • Packages of white copy paper and/or white card stock paper