60 Minutes Episode on Khan Academy

Khan Practice

Problem 45
A video created by students on solving equations

Algebraic Symbolism
matching game working on writing expressions

Escape Planet 6
works on writing expressions

Balancing when Adding and Subtracting
it starts with a balanced equation on the balance and you remove pieces until you get the answer

Equation Solver
Proofs using Identity and Inverse properties

Algebra Quiz
solve problems and then check yourself

Order of Operations Quiz
An quiz on Order of Operations

Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities ch23.2
multiple choice quiz that has them making expressions from words given

Alien Algebra
solve an equation and then enter an angle to shoot the correct alien representing the answer

play against the computer practice solving one-step equations and multi-step equations.

Postman Phil
deliver mail that is the correct solution based on the number the dog is holding and the expression on the door

Algebra Planet Blaster
solve the equation and shoot the correct answer

Operations Four
2 player game like Connect 4 solving problems using the order of operations

Concentration Algebra
match the equation with the solution

balance the equation on a balance and then you solve the equation by balancing the scale

Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities ch23.4
multiple choice quiz doing word problems
A collection of tools created to assist students and teachers of algebra

Pre-Algebra Games
Different games to practice pre-algebra skills

Practical Algebra Lessons
Practical tips, hints, examples, and points out common mistakes
Algebra Worksheet Generator
A worksheet generator where you can create worksheets for practice
321 Know Math
Different levels of math activities and games
Algebra Help Page
Algebra help divided into categories
Funbrain Math
Math based games
AAA Math
Basic math skills, interactive practice, explanations, challenge games, and math problems
A+ Math
Flashcards and worksheets for practice
Introduction to Algebra
An introduction to Algebra with examples
Helps solve math problems online
Ask Dr. Math
Links to help answer Math questions
National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
Virtual manipulatives related to the NCTM Algebra standard for grades 6-8
Worksheets, quizzes, and math help
State Standards
California State Standards for all grades
Quia Activities
Different activities to help with Algebra

Great Algebra Raps

Watch, Know, Learn
Lots of videos for many different subject but has lots on Algebra.