About Ms. Marsman

Ms Marsman's family

Hi! I'm Ms. Laura Marsman and I teach 6th grade at Sycamore Canyon. I have always taught in Santee and started here at Sycamore Canyon teaching 3rd grade in 1996. That means I have been teaching for 27 years. I have taught almost every grade from 2nd to 8th. I have been teaching 6th grade for at least 10 years. I taught 3rd-6th grade here at Sycamore before going to Carlton Hills to teach 4th-8th grade, primarily Math and Science.

I have 2 sons. Jacob is 16 and goes to High School and Joey is 18 and just graduate High School. The picture above shows my sons on the left, me in the middle, my brother Matt and his wife Melissa next to him, and my mother Linda in the chair. I grew up in Santee and went to Pepper Drive Elementary School and then Santana High School. I stayed in San Diego and went to San Diego State University and Point Loma Nazarene for college. 

I am happy to be back at Sycamore Canyon!