Sycamore Canyon Vocal and Theater Arts

Sycamore Canyon's Super Singers and Actors 

The Sycamore Canyon Vocal and Theater program includes grades four, five, and six in the Intermediate Choir and Theater Group. Two shows are produced each year. The first is a themed concert, and the second is a musical play. Both programs afford instruction in the musical and theater arts, with opportunities for group and solo performances. If you are interested in joining, look for permission slips to come home near the beginning of the school year. 

Mrs. Cress, a mostly sixth grade teacher for twenty-seven years, began the choral program and volunteers to plan the performances and direct after school. School programs are written, arranged, and recorded on Mrs. Cress' DAW (digital audio workstation) as she enjoys "tech toys", including digital recording software and MIDI. Mrs. Cress holds a California State Certification to Teach Music, is a certified Kodaly Method Music teacher, and has over forty years of experience in children's music, theater, and dance. Additionally, Mrs. Cress is a classically trained pianist and vocalist, and she performs as a soloist.